This is the latest crime update from the police:

“On the 19th February there was a burglary at Tesco, Cookridge where suspects entered during the night and stole items from within the store. There was a similar offence at Horsforth too.

Overnight 19-20th February suspects entered a property on a building development in Cookridge and stole materials.

At around 1315 hours 20th February there was a theft from a van at Asda, Holt Park, entry was forced to the van and machinery stolen.

At around 1030 hours 21st February a lady was followed from a supermarket back to her home in Adel. The suspects approached her car whilst she was still in it, opened the car door and stole her handbag. Enquiries by NPT Officers for the area has identified three suspects, they have been arrested and the investigation is still on going.

Between the 22-23rd February there was a burglary on the Drive, Adel where suspects entered an address and took the keys for a Mercedes which they then drove away with. This is under investigation.

At around 0930 hours 23rd February a suspect entered an address on Woodhill Court, Cookridge and stole a mobile phone.

Between the 23rd and 24th February there was a burglary on School Green, Bramhope where a window was forced at the address. The suspects entered but were disturbed by the house alarm and made off.