Back in September on a street surgery one issue that kept coming up and is often repeated in other conversations I have is that there is a need to mark the Dyneley Arms junction so cars can draw up and align themselves correctly when turning right going to Otley from Pool and going to Pool from Bramhope and also from the airport going to Bramhope as some drivers do not always know where to position themselves best in order to allow the free flow of traffic. This often leads to cars being stranded in the middle of the traffic lights when the lights change which causes blockages and hold ups.

I took this up at the time with the Highways Engineer and I have been chasing a substantive response since then.

In October I received the following interim response from the senior Traffic Engineer:

“We have drawn up a proposal to mark a right turn pocket at the junction to try and address this. We do need a couple of site measurements to confirm this will work and we will hopefully have these this week – I’m sure you will appreciate it is not the easiest location to get accurate measurements for. Provided the arrangement works we will instruct our lining contractor to put the work in, although it may be tricky to do and require some temporary traffic lights in order for the operatives to work safely. I will update you towards the end of the week with a confirmation that the layout works and an indicative timescale.”

I then chased this every fortnight and yesterday received the response below from the Highways Engineer:

“Aware this is still awaiting a formal response. The way the works are to be implemented has been agreed with the contractor. We have issued the work and are awaiting a date for implementation. It will be one early Sunday morning, so that the impact on traffic is as minimal as possible. I will update you as soon as we have a date for implementation. The weather may be preventative, as thermoplastic cannot be laid in the wet, nor when the air temperature drops below 3 degrees Celsius but again, I will keep you updated if there are any issues.

Thanks for your patience thus far.”