‘Beast from the East’ frozen pipe advice

I have received the following information from Yorkshire Water:

We’d really appreciate your help in spreading our advice around how residents can protect their homes from burst and frozen pipes.

Cold snaps can cause water in supply pipes to freeze which could then leave homes in the area without water. When the water freezes it expands and can cause pipes to crack then as temperatures begin to rise the ice will melt and inevitably escape through the crack.

A small minority of homes are more likely to have their external pipes freeze if their supply pipes are not underground. As the pipes are exposed, it’s important residents do all they can to stop their pipes from freezing up.

  Customers are advised to take the simple steps below to make their homes winter-ready:

  • Protect all exposed pipe work, cisterns, tanks, taps and water meters in unheated areas with waterproof foam lagging or insulation
  • Know where the stop tap is located at the property in case it needs to be turned off in an emergency. The main stop tap is usually found at the point where the pipe work enters the premises, often it is under the kitchen sink
  • Make sure you keep a plumber’s number handy in case of an emergency
  • Keep homes warm – set central heating on a low heat or a 24-hour constant setting. If you’re going away on holiday tell a neighbour or friend so that they can check to make sure there have been no burst pipes

We recommend that any customers who have additional needs sign up to our vulnerable customer registerwww.yorkshirewater.com/priorityservices

We have videos explaining how to protect your home from freezing pipes on our social media accounts so please do share.