At a meeting of the Outer North West Area Committee on Monday 5th March, a grant application for £3730 from Adel Players came forward. The application was successful and the Committee agreed funding of £3730 for 3 projects to be undertaken between August 2018 and July 2019.

I am delighted that Adel Players have been successful in their grant funding application. They are a wonderful local theatre group with very supportive and loyal audiences and deserve the award of the grant funding. The projects they are looking to fund include Under Stage Storage through a conversion of the current space under the stage to make it easier to store reusable materials and props between productions which otherwise could not be kept due to lack of space. They also want to enhance the sound experience by installing sound-proofing material to prevent noise spillage from the next door bar area which can affect the audience sometimes. Help with funding these projects is vital if we want to keep Adel Players at the forefront of the local amateur scene.

Some of the money will go towards remodelling and redecorating the main auditorium, giving it a “facelift” to make it more welcoming and matching the standard that they always provide through their productions. It is essential that new audience members come to watch the plays and by improving the look of the auditorium this should help to attract new people and ensure the sustainability of the Adel Players for years to come