At a meeting of the Outer North West Area Committee on Monday 5th March, a grant application for £5000 from the Adel War Memorial Association (AWMA) for an upgrade to the kitchen was successful.

I am delighted that the AWMA are now able to upgrade their kitchen facilities. The current facilities are not suitable for the amount of use they get and the amount of use they could get if they are upgraded will reap dividends. The kitchen is available for all the members and hirers to use and this will mean a big improvement with a chance to increase their income through more hires. Visiting sports teams and residents who come to various functions will also see the benefits of it. This grant will be very welcome.

The club are looking to upgrade their facilities right across the board on a rolling project and like every other local organisation they need help with funding. The kitchen project is long overdue and now they will be able to carry out this much needed work. I look forward to seeing the final result which I am sure members will really appreciate, as well as anyone hiring the facilities.