At a meeting of the Outer North West Area Committee on Monday 5th March, a bid for a defibrillator for St. Helena’s Caravan Park was considered and was successful. The Committee agreed funding of £1642 for the installation of a public access defibrillator.

I am pleased that the bid was made and was successful. St. Helena’s is quite isolated in terms of its position in relation to the village of Bramhope and it is important that whilst we are securing defibrillators for a number of areas in the Ward that St. Helena’s is included. It will provide a degree of reassurance not only for the permanent residents but also those visiting on a short term basis.

There are 80 pensioners living there and within ½ a mile radius there are 10 farms and houses which could also access this equipment if necessary. It is important that word is spread that the defibrillator is there. The funding has paid for the equipment and for the installation costs. It is a good addition to the current sites that we now have across the Ward