I was recently asked to try and get the gulleys on Arthington Lane that were blocked, cleared. Set out below is the response received:

“Dear Councillor Anderson 

Thank you for your email. We have made the Tour de Yorkshire bike routes our priority and so every gully on Arthington Lane has been serviced in the last couple of weeks. There are two gullies outside the Old Vicarage residence on the junction of Stone Dale Close and Arthington Lane. One of these is working slowly, the other one isn’t working at all. The gully West of this junction on Arthington Lane, opposite Brooklands, is another problematic gully. I sent a second team to investigate the none-runners and still they were unable to get them running. These now require CCTV to ascertain exactly what the problem is. As it is likely these gullies are all connected to the same highway drain I imagine the drain has collapsed. 

Obviously we are not in a position to be able to carry these works before the bike race but we will be ensuring that any none-running gullies are emptied so that there are no issues on race days. In the long term these gullies are in a work queue for the necessary further investigations. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.”