I have been sent the information below. At this stage it is our view that our concerns have not been addressed, nor those of residents who attended the most recent Adel Neighbourhood Forum meeting. We are still very concerned at the proposals. 

“At this stage we are not aware whether or not Council officers have discussed anything with Barratt/David Wilson. As you will see they have offered to meet with us. I have emailed them to say yes, we would like to meet and one of the things I will be emphasising to them is that they need to organise a public meeting as soon as possible to outline their views to residents. 

We would also want to know with what they mean when they say they are arranging for local residents to be contacted – who is being contacted, when and what information is going to be passed on? 

I have also emailed the Chief Planning Officer to ask whether there has been any contact with the Council in respect of this.”