I have been asked to distribute the information below:

“We have made good progress on the first phase of the works and motorists seem to be coping well with the traffic restrictions. 

As we are particularly keen to get the message to people travelling to the airport, to encourage people to allow extra time for their journey , please could I ask you to remind your constituents again, through any communications channels that you normally use, in advance of the Bank Holiday week.”

I also have an update from Highways in relation to the volumes of traffic using Old Pool Bank:

“We are waiting for the speed data, but we now have data about the volume of traffic using Old Pool Bank. 

We have compared data on typical weekdays before and during the works. Based on this data, the overall average daily traffic has increased by around 330 vehicles in a 24 hour period. During the morning peak there has been an increase of 50 vehicles an hour and during the evening peak there has been an increase of 64 vehicles an hour, which we do not consider to be significant. 

We will provide our additional comments when we receive the speed data and we will continue to monitor both volume and speed throughout the works.”