Some time ago I met with some local residents and Highways Officers to discuss the residents’ concerns over road safety for children in particular but all residents in general when trying to cross Leeds Road at the Church Hill end and the Breary Lane stretches.

As a result of this meeting the following outputs were suggested by Highways:

  • To manufacture and erect a warning sign indicating the bend and advising a maximum speed of 30mph
  • To undertake appropriate surveys of the existing pedestrian crossing facilities and to re-visit the previous assessment work. 

The Highways Officer also confirmed:

“We discussed that the existing speed limit of 40mph is the appropriate limit for the current character of the road and that introducing a speed limit without significant change to the character of the road would not be supported by the Police or the Highway Authority. We do remain open minded on a reduction however provided that this is appropriate and that the engineering case can be made.  

There is a major development proposed on the A660 close to Bramhope village, which is expected to have a significant impact on the character of the road. This may or may not make sufficient change to warrant a reduction in the speed limit, and so following completion of this development we will undertake a review of the speed limit in line with the Department for Transport Circular 01/2013 “Setting Local Speed Limits” and make appropriate recommendations at that time.  

If other material changes to the road environment in Bramhope take place – for example new or revised crossing facilities or new building works – then again we would be willing to review the speed limit at that time.”

I recently chased up Highways for an update and set out below is the update received today:

“I can confirm that the ‘Max speed 30’ sign has been installed this morning. 

I am chasing the further pedestrian surveys and I will ask that these are completed at the latest by the end of the school term this July, providing you with the necessary information when I receive it. “