Below is a precis of some information I received today in relation to the promised highways work on the A660 at upper/lower Old Pool Bank. 

“Whilst no works have started on site to date I can assure you that work has been ongoing behind the scenes. 

I can confirm that the submission made by Leeds City Council to the West Yorkshire Camera Partnership was successful in their application for the location to be enforced by a mobile capture vehicle. Work to erect the advanced signs and the creation of the safe hardstanding for the Police vehicle to operate from will start on site within the next 4 weeks. Camera enforcement will begin shortly afterwards. The West Yorkshire Camera Partnership funds the mobile camera vehicles and the staff which operate them, so these should not be affected by any wider pressures on police funding and resources. I can assure you that this location will be regularly enforced until the speed of vehicles are commensurate with the posted speed limit. 

In regards the speed limit reduction from Otley and the repositioning of the 40mph limit this has also now received both financial and Chief Officer approval and the formal consultation has commenced. I would hope that the speed limit amendments will be implemented during the summer this year subject to the legal consultation process which has to be followed.  We will update you in due course on progress with this aspect of the proposals.”