Please find below a report from the police on action they have taken recently in respect of traffic accessing Old Pool Bank as a cut through and speeding on the lower section of Old Pool Bank. In terms of a solution, trying to gain a consensus on the solution to the upper Old Pool Bank problem of through traffic has been the subject of extensive consultation recently and no consensus on the way forward was agreed by all parties.

“Regarding Pool Bank, I had two issues raised to me which were potentially “police” related issues

  •  Speeding on the lower section of PB
  • People using the upper section of PB as a cut through when it’s “access only”

 PC Long has spent the morning up there. He has had the speed gun out on the upper and lower sections and has been stopping cars on the access only section (around 30 cars!). 

More than 90% of cars stopped were using the street as a cut through. These motorists were dealt with strong words of advice. Some mentioned the recent roadworks as an “excuse” but it is clear that it is a well-used shortcut. A long term solution to this problem is difficult. It totally cuts out the Dyneley Arms traffic lights if people use it as a cut through and they will continue to do so, as we can’t have a police officer parked there 24/7. At peak times, I think it could conceivable cut 5-10 minutes off someone’s journey. How do you solve it?  

In relation to speeding, PC Long did not feel the need to issue any tickets on the upper section, he said the average speed was below the speed limit and those that were speeding were only doing so by a small margin. No vehicles were recorded going over 40mph. Those that were over 30mph were not over by a lot and were again dealt with in a proportionate way.  

On the lower section of pool bank (the national speed limit bit) the average speed was around 30mph! I was there with him at the time, and that average includes traffic going up and down the hill it’s an awkward road, and I don’t think many people have the confidence to go very fast up there. The fastest we clocked was actually up the hill at 40mph. I would suggest that if there are speeders coming down that section, that consideration be given to lowering the speed limit, as there is no way that that road is suitable for 50/60mph. In order for a car to be “speeding” down there, they would have to hit 60+ mph which is unthinkable on that road.”