A recent proposal to implement a Traffic Regulation Order to cover a number of areas in the Ward has now been put before the Chief Officer of Highways and Transportation.

Residents raise concerns with us on an almost daily basis in relation to traffic and highways and a number of these concerns have now been addressed by this proposed Traffic Regulation Order. Specific junctions that have caused concern, for example, the A660 Otley Road and New Adel Lane will now have provision of “no waiting at any time” which should alleviate problems here. The long-awaited improvements to the junction of Wayland Drive and Long Causeway are also part of this Order, again “No Waiting at any time” and will hopefully end the misery caused to residents in Wayland Drive at school drop off and pick up times.

I know that there will be possible knock on effects in terms of potentially pushing parking further into areas where it currently does not happen. Prior to this Order being drawn up we contacted all affected residents with the draft proposals and the overwhelming response was a positive one. Some changes were suggested by residents during our consultation process and these have been considered and where possible the officer has amended the proposals. Once the schemes are advertised residents have a further chance to comment. The proposals include alleviation through provision of “no waiting at any time” on parts of The Crescent (Adel), Church Hill (Bramhope), Green Lane (Cookridge) and the top of New Adel Lane. If it all goes ahead the changes should be implemented in this financial year.