On Thursday 14th June a tree had fallen on to Pool Bank Road. Here is a synopsis from Highways of a chain of events that led to an excellent outcome and a quick resolution to what could have been a major highways problem.

“We had a small incident on Pool Bank this morning requiring a road closure for about an hour so I thought you might find these facts useful if any questions arise.

At about 7:00, a large tree blew over close to our works and fell onto a taxi. Nobody was injured but the taxi could no longer be driven. The taxi was taking a lady to the airport (Leeds Bradford) so one of A E Yates (the culvert works contractor) general operatives kindly drove her to the airport so that she was able to catch her flight.

The tree caused a blockage to the entire carriageway so no traffic could get past it in either direction, therefore A E Y’s traffic management subcontractor immediately closed the road to all traffic between the Dyneley Arms junction and the White Hart roundabout. I learnt about these events at about 7:30 and immediately phoned the police to request assistance but they were already aware and had been sent out to help. I then phoned Radio Leeds to get this included in their traffic updates.

Coincidentally, a tree surgeon lives at the farm next to the culvert works and he kindly cut the tree into manageable pieces for us and then AEY were able to use the large excavator that they had on site to remove the cut up tree from the carriageway. The road was then re-opened at approximately 8:00 and I immediately phoned Radio Leeds again to inform them of this.”