The following delegated decision has been approved by the Director of Highways and Transportation.

” A660 Leeds Road, Pool in Wharfedale

The Issues:

Following a recent fatality collision Elected Ward Members and local residents have requested traffic management intervention in the form of a reduction in the speed limit and the introduction of a hardstanding to enable Police enforcement action on the A660 Leeds Road approaching ‘Barhouse’ bends.


We seek authority for the expenditure of £20,000, comprising of £12,000 works, £7,000 staff and £1,000 legal costs, to promote a Speed Limit Order to amend the extents of the existing speed limits and construct a hardstanding to facilitate Police enforcement;”

I welcome the confirmation that the funding has now been put in place behind the initial suggestions that were put forward some weeks ago. The importance of road safety cannot be over stated. Residents who are walking around our more rural parts of the city need to know that their safety is paramount. The next stage in the process is ensuring that the money is spent quickly and all relevant orders issued and implemented as efficiently as possible. After that we need to develop improved education/messages for those drivers that drive around putting lives at risk with poor quality driving. Finally we need to put further pressure on the Council, the Police and the West Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership to ensure that new measures are enforced and if not, an acknowledgement that further measures may prove necessary. If motorists take care we will all benefit.