Night Time Intruders – Back Gardens of Moseley Wood Gardens

A resident has emailed me with the following information: 

“We have experienced night time prowlers in our back gardens on Moseley Wood Gardens  over the past couple of nights ( Land adjoining the open land next to the new build site )

They have been coming in over the fields behind and I would appreciate if you would advise that people are on the prowl during the night and also in the field at the back to beware for security purposes. 

We have not experienced any break ins as yet but clearly our properties are of interest to someone !.”

I have alerted Taylor Wimpey and asked the police for their input. Set out below is the response from the police.

Please ring 999 in an emergency and 101 if you suspect something or see anything suspicious later that makes you question things or email the Outer North West Policing Team with any information on

The more intelligence that can be built up the better.