Plastics Recycling

I have been advised of the information below:

“Waste Management has launched a city-wide plastic recycling campaign, which aims to increase the quantity and quality of plastic items collected from households’ green bins and bags.

Some interesting facts:

  • Last year in Leeds we recycled almost 4,500 tonnes of plastic – that’s the weight of over 30 blue whales!
  • With the average household throwing away over 40kg of plastic in their black bin each year, there is plenty more that can be recycled.
  • It can be confusing knowing which of the most commonly used plastics can be recycled, but in Leeds it’s as easy as 1, 2 and 4.
  • Many of the everyday products we use have a small numbered triangle printed underneath. Plastic types 1, 2 and 4 include fizzy drink, water, milk, shampoo and bleach bottles, as well as bread and carrier bags – all of which can be recycled in the green bin or bag.

To raise awareness of which plastics should go in the green bin, the attached flyer is being distributed to all households in Leeds over the next few weeks, highlighting the most common types of plastic found around the home and providing information on what should and shouldn’t be recycled in green bins and bags. Other promotional activities include press work, roadshows, posters in community buildings, and outdoor, digital and social media advertising. “