The Adel to Leeds bus route proposals – West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA)– “Transforming our Bus Network” – Proposals

You may remember the WYCA along with Leeds City Council commencing the “Transport Conversation” in 2016, following the public inquiry on the Trolleybus proposals which were rejected. All of the consultation comments of the “Transport Conversation” have been collated and proposals are now being consulted upon to improve the bus network. You may have already attended one of these consultations. Our local one was at the YMCA at Lawnswood. The money available for these improvements is £173.5m (citywide) which was originally for the Trolleybus. Please note that the changes listed are proposals, the wording below has been summarised from wording provided by the Combined Authority and this is their views and ideas.

If you want to look at the various maps and proposed changes in detail, the link to the information is

The main changes proposed for the A660 through Adel to the Lawnswood roundabout, are as follows:

Lawnswood junction – will be signalised and existing roundabout will be replaced by a crossroads –

  • Delays to buses will be reduced by providing signals that detect buses and give them priority
  • Signal timings can be adjusted automatically to respond to changing traffic flows throughout the day
  • Signalised pedestrian and cycle crossings which will make the junction safer for all road users.
  • Access to Weetwood Hall, Weetwood Police station site and other facilities will be maintained
  • New cycle lane towards Otley from the Lawnswood junction and new cycle track on the Leeds-bound side

New signalised junction at Otley Road/Otley Old Road –

  • Evidence from traffic surveys indicates buses exiting Otley Old Road on to Otley Road are delayed due to trying to join the A660 at this junction.
  • Pedestrians crossing to access the bus stop on the Leeds-bound side have to cross a busy dual carriageway which puts them at risk
  • New toucan crossing for pedestrians and cyclists – Otley Road
  • Ban of left turning traffic out of Otley Old Road towards Otley. Traffic would have facility to U-turn off the Leeds-bound side if travelling from Otley Old Road to Otley. Would also help traffic wanting to access Otley Old Road from Otley Road.
  • New “Bus Gate” towards bottom of Otley Old Road which would give buses priority as they approach the new traffic lights at Otley Old Road/Otley Road junction.

Between the Holt Lane (BP Garage/M&S) and New Adel Lane (the Esso Service Station) there is an opportunity to create new cycle facilities in both directions, these could comprise mandatory cycle lanes or cycle lanes alongside the road (where space permits). Cars will no longer be able to park on the A660 on Otley Road between these two locations. The road may need to be widened in some locations. The current areas of hatched road markings in some locations may need to be removed.

The Otley Road/Holt Lane junction – introduction of traffic lights –

  • All traffic finds it difficult to turn out of Holt Lane on to Otley Road, including buses
  • This will enable traffic to turn out of Holt Lane safely and also allow pedestrians to get across the road to access the Leeds-bound bus stop safely.
  • This will however create a delay for traffic travelling along Otley Road in both directions.

There are six aspirations to these proposals:

  • Reduce journey times and make the service more reliable.
  • Enable more people to benefit from Park & Ride facilities.
  • Offer a fleet of new, low emission, state-of-the-art buses with WiFi etc.
  • Help people make more productive use of their time.
  • Improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Make the roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.