2 updates just received:

  1. From the University

“A further update on Travellers at Bedquilts.  The papers have been filed at court and we have been listed for a hearing on Monday which means we will be serving notice on the group at the site today. As the proceedings have been issued against “Persons Unknown” they will need to be served by attaching the Court documents in a place where they are clearly visible. In this case due to the large number of caravans and the fact that the land is open the documents will be placed in clear wallets on stakes prominently positioned around the site.  If the travellers are still on site on Monday morning they will be removed at this point.”

2. From the Operational Service Manager, Leeds Housing Options

“We have been advised by the university that they have arranged an eviction for Monday on this group of Travellers.  

Cleaner Neighbourhoods continue to visit daily to collect rubbish, it’s likely that they will be asked to oversee any final clear ups once the group have left, West Yorkshire Police continue to monitor. 

We are having some discussions with the university around future site security.”