I have recently had a number of issues raised by local residents in respect of the above namely:

  1. Traffic on the A660 from Otley is being seriously delayed because vehicles are blocking the Dyneley junction. Vehicles on the A658 travelling from the Airport direction towards Pool are entering the junction with no prospect of exiting it because vehicles are backed up from the Culvert traffic lights. Otley to Leeds traffic on A660 cannot get through causing tailbacks of up to 1/2 mile and delays to X84 buses. Is it possible to create a ‘Box Junction’ with Yellow markings?
  2. The increase in taxi traffic volumes on Old Pool Bank has continued unabated and we are seeing all the usual local firms’ drivers including SJK, Premier & Arrow, now being joined by Harrogate firms including Blueline, and further afield. Can the Highways Department please inform the taxi businesses that Old Pool Bank, Top Section is a restricted access road and should not be used as a short cut for through traffic.

Set out below are the latest updates on these issues:

“We have erected a temporary sign saying “KEEP JUNCTION CLEAR” pointing directly at the northbound motorists waiting at the lights and we will monitor the effectiveness of this.”