As you are aware there is an ongoing concern by a number of local residents, particularly younger parents, about the speed limit on Leeds Road through Bramhope being set at 40mph. I have been in correspondence with the police in relation to a recent accident and the response from the Roads Policing Support sergeant is below. To explain the reference in the quote below to “your request would be flawed”, this is in relation to our local PCSO asking for recommendations for additional speed reduction measures for the road. 

“If I’ve read the email correctly then the speed limit for this stretch of road is 40mph. I’m not an engineer but to the best of my knowledge with the various councils that I work with there are no normal traffic calming measures for roads with a 40mph speed limit and so your request would be flawed in that respect. 

It is for the council to determine the speed limit and set the appropriate measures to make that speed limit self-governing where possible. The councillor involved in this email chain will most likely have the most influence to achieve this. 

I support the measures proposed by A/PS King and would recommend some Pro-Laser enforcement and SIDS deployments by the NPT.” 

The measures proposed by A/PS King are: 

“As [the resident] suggests that this may be a result of vehicles/drivers speeding to which we would be more than happy to look into using the speed indication device (SID).” 

The question has also been raised as to whether the flashing 30mph on the bend is too near the 40mph and is confusing for drivers. Highways have been asked to look into this. 

I trust this updates you on the latest information received.