Residents may not be aware but the Council carries out checks annually regarding the Single Person Council Tax discount. Someone living alone, or being the only person over 18 at the address, is entitled to a 25% Single Person Discount. In Leeds there are 330,000 registered Council Taxpayers and there were more than 125,000 Single Person Discounts for 2018/19.  

The Council Tax Service is checking 38,095 accounts for review this year and letters will go out shortly.  Based on last year’s review and previous ones in 2015 and 2016, it is expected this will identify at least £300,000 of additional Council Tax revenue for the council in respect of incorrectly awarded Single Person Discount.

These checks provide an indication that another adult has links to that address. This does not necessarily mean that there is someone else living at the property, so the Council will write to the Council Taxpayer asking them to confirm that they remain entitled to the Single Person Discount. These checks are expected to identify 16-18,000 accounts where a review to entitlement of the Single Person Discount will be done and a review letter issued.

 If someone gets a letter they are asked to reply to confirm whether they are the only adult resident at the property or if someone else lives there with them. The responses can be done online or returned in a prepaid envelope. If no response is received the resident’s Single Person Discount will be cancelled back to 1st April 2018.