Following extensive consultation a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in relation to dog control matters and smoking in children’s play areas is now in place. There are new requirements in addition to the previous ones of which many have been carried forward: 

A new city-wide requirement that anyone in charge of a dog must carry an appropriate means to pick up after the dog. This is completely new and there is a 3 month period (starting 1st July) where the focus will be on educating owners and an informal warning will be given. There will be better clarification for professional dog walkers who can walk 6 dogs only when alone and not when walking alongside other dogs and their owners. The same 3 month period of education and informal warnings will again apply.  

New areas in addition to those already in place will be included where dogs are prohibited and will be required to be on a lead. This includes any Multi-use Games Area (MUGA). Additionally dogs must be kept on leads around Golden Acre Park, Roundhay Park and Temple Newsam golf courses, Middleton bike hub and the ornamental gardens at Lotherton Hall and the Hollies.  

Back in autumn 2015 a smoking ban was introduced across all children’s play areas in Leeds. The new PSPO means that Fixed Penalty Notices can now be issued or people prosecuted for smoking in a children’s play area.  The purpose of these is to change people’s behaviours not to increase the number of penalty notices. Adequate signage will be in place. Fixed Penalty notices have been increased to £100 (£80 if paid within 10 days) and the fine for littering now also carries a £100 penalty (£80 for early repayment) for offences committed from 1st July.  

Site specific locations within Adel & Wharfedale Ward where the dog related requirements for dogs on leads will be in force are: Golden Acre Park – the Demonstration Gardens, the Patio area, area around the lake;  In terms of play area requirements where dogs are excluded are the play areas at Cookridge Lane, Holt Lane, Pool in Wharfedale children’s play area and skate park.