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“The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) announced a bidding round for temporary additional funding to be made available to Councils over the next 3 years to enable more affordable, mixed tenure and social rented Council homes to be built. The 3 key elements that MHCLG will be looking for Councils to demonstrate are value for money, deliverability and affordability.  

The Council Housing Growth team have undertaken an information gathering exercise across the city, to look at options for sites that might be suitable for future development for housing to see if we can take advantage of this additional temporary funding.  

The site at Farrar Lane, Holt Park in your ward, has been identified as a potentially deliverable scheme for which the Council could seek funding. Bids must be submitted in September 2018. We have been informed that the that results of the bidding round will be announced in the Autumn and that additional funding can be drawn down from April 2019 and schemes need to have commenced construction no later than March 2022 to qualify for funding. 

There are limited funds available and the scheme may not meet the criteria identified for approval or there may not be enough funding for it to proceed. However, we are writing to advise you that a draft bid for funding is being submitted to Government to see if we can secure funding for a new housing scheme, which would provide much needed homes at social rents. 

I have enclosed some information and draft proposals for the site to give an indication of the numbers and type of homes that it might be possible to build. These draft proposals aim to meet local housing demand and needs based on housing waiting lists and information and advice from Housing Management. We do not propose to consult formally at this stage until we know the outcome of the bid and whether the site is included amongst those that can proceed. Once we have further information we will let you know as soon as possible and aim to meet you to ensure we can fully capture your views on the draft proposals.  

In some areas, sites may have previously been considered for future housing development and the Council may have undertaken initial site investigations and surveys to gather information about the ground conditions and site history. We may need to write to you again to advise that surveys are required to help with information gathering which could result in members of the public may report seeing LCC officials walking the perimeter of the site. We will ensure this happens before surveys take place.”