I thought you may like an update on the proposed link road to the airport which was part of the consultation for improved public transport back in 2015/16. I have precis’d below information I have received: 

“Proposals for a new link road connecting the A65 Rawdon Road with the Airport and the A658 Harrogate Road were the subject of an initial consultation during the winter of 2015/16.  At the time improved public transport, especially rail connectivity was an ambition of the Council and the airport.  Since that date the allocation of government funding to the city for the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) has enabled a review of the options and opportunities to be undertaken.   Following public consultation during the summer of 2016 proposals for the investment package included a new parkway station to serve the airport and also provide an additional park and ride facility on the Leeds-Harrogate line north of Horsforth. 

The selection of the station proposal followed extensive examination. It concluded that, as well as significant technical problems largely arising from the local topography which made a conventional railway impractical necessitating tunnelling and also posed challenges for a surface level tram,  the economic case and value for money case could not be made for such an investment at the current time. However, the alternative of providing a new parkway on the existing railway a short distance from the airport site was shown to have the potential to both connect with the terminal and offer a potentially robust business case for the funding required. 

The current plans are therefore to undertake full consultation on the link road options and proposals for the new station later this year / early 2019.    The detailed programme for the consultation has yet to be confirmed Special arrangements will also be made to ensure land owners who may be affected by the potential options are fully aware of the proposals. 

It is important to note at this stage that whilst the principles of providing  improved road and rail connections to the airport are well established in the policy and strategy of both the City Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority   there are no currently approved scheme proposals.”