I received the following note from a resident in Cookridge today, although this has been happening in other parts of the Ward over the years:

“Today I spoke with a young man who was waiting at my door when I returned from walking the dog. He was aged about 20 – possibly younger, and carried a large back pack. I explained this is a non-cold calling zone at which point he became unpleasant. I asked which organisation he was working for and he said it is ‘Helping hands for young offenders’. He then said its non of your f***ing business and you need to get a f***ing life. I said I was going to call the police at which he said ‘go on then’ and walked off. I did call the police and they said they would get someone to look into the matter. They have had a look round and didn’t see anyone fitting the description, but have recorded the photo I took. There was another male accompanying this one, who shouted something as they left which I didn’t hear properly.”

If you get any unwanted callers and you are in the Cold Calling Control Zone (CCCZ) which covers 90% of the Ward (for example,  some parts of Bramhope are not in the CCCZ), you should explain you are in a CCCZ and they should not be calling at properties in the area. Even if you are not in the CCCZ if you do not want them to be there they should leave.  The police have advised in the past that there is no scheme for Young Offenders that involves selling goods at people’s doors. Anyone trying to sell goods to you at your door should have a Pedlars’ Licence and you can ask to see that. This usually prompts them to leave. Ultimately you should call the police on 101 and report the matter.