OPAL (Older Peoples’ Action in the Locality) who are our local Neighbourhood Network, will soon be starting their Winter Wellbeing Project which runs from 29th October to 31st March 2019. We need your help with this. After reading the information below, if you know of anyone who might benefit from a voucher please let me know. The details you need before referring are set out below: 

The aim of this project is to identify and support vulnerable older people (60yrs+) who lives in LS16 above the ring road, who are not already engaged with OPAL and/or who may not have had access to information about preparing for and responding to cold or severe weather. 

As part of this project, I will be given ‘OPAL Winter Wellbeing’ vouchers to give to older people who are vulnerable to the cold and who would slip under the radar and/or who haven’t had contact with OPAL before. The voucher will enable the individual to access a free meal at the Welcome In Café. The Welcome In is at 55 Bedford Drive LS16  

When the voucher is used in the café, the individual will be asked to provide their name, address and telephone number. An OPAL staff member will contact that individual to see if they can provide any extra support or information. This can include:

•             Having a named contact within OPAL to call if they need information or support during the winter months.

•             Signposting to Green Doctor, Care and Repair or Welfare Rights.  Subject to individuals support needs, we may also refer to agencies such as Housing, Police, GPs, Adult Social Care and/or local Councillors.

•             Further free meal vouchers

•             An invite to a Christmas meal at Welcome In Café on Christmas Day

As part of this we are agreeing to: 

•             Give out the OPAL Winter Wellbeing Vouchers to older people we identify as being vulnerable to the cold.

•             Each voucher will be numbered. Partners will keep a record of vouchers given (using the unique voucher number), names, addresses and telephone numbers of people they have given the voucher to.

•             Share this information each week with OPAL. 

Recipients of the Vouchers will agree to:

•             Share their name, address and telephone number with the voucher provider and OPAL.

•             Use the voucher in the Welcome In Café to get a two course meal and a hot drink (there is no monetary value to the voucher)

•             Allow OPAL to contact them with information we feel may be of use/interest to them for as long as the project is running. 

OPAL will agree to:

•             Provide a free meal to anyone presenting the voucher at Welcome In Café at the times outlined below and offer further free meals if the person needs it.

•             Collect the name, address and telephone number of the person using the voucher in a discreet manner.

•             Contact the individuals accessing this project with information we feel may be of use/interest to them for as long as the project is running. We will also signpost to other organisations that may be beneficial to the individual,

•             Maintain contact for as long as the project is running. The frequency will be mutually agreed between the individual accessing the project and the OPAL staff member.

•             Keep records of numbers of referrals received from each partner

•             Keep records of numbers of people accessing the free meals.

•             Use Outcomes Star, to monitor changes in for individual’s wellbeing during the length of the project.

•             We will track support that individuals receive from agencies we have referred them to, to ensure that individuals are offered all the support available to them.

•             Invite people who have accessed the OPAL Winter Wellbeing Project to have a Christmas meal at Welcome In Café on Christmas Day. Transport will be available.    

The Voucher can be used in the café for the following:

Mondays                                Lunch club meal^                             12noon

Tuesday                               Lunch club meal^                             12.45pm

Wednesday                        Café menu                                          9am – 2pm

Thursday                              Café menu                                          9am – 2pm

Friday                                    Café menu/Lunch club meal        9am – 2pm

*Friday there is also a Lunch club meal^ served 12 noon and 1pm.

^The Lunch club meal is a 2-course meal, cooked onsite with fresh ingredients.   These must be pre-booked by 10am.