I received a report that 4 youths were seen running from the Holt Lane play area after setting fire to the swings. I took this up with the police and with Parks & Countryside and I have received the responses below.

  1. From the Area Officer Parks & Countryside to the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit 

“We are having problems in this area where the playground is, anti-social behaviour with fires and damage to the play equipment and youths on an evening making a lot of noise and bad language. 

Cllr Anderson has been in touch regarding this, if we could keep an eye on this, also I have reported this damage to the police.”

2. From the Police:

“A crime for Arson is currently under investigation in relation to the damage to the swings. 

I have sent an email to [the person who reported this] to try obtain a few more details  and establish what [they] may have witnessed in relation to the damage.  

House to house has been conducted but as you will be aware no houses overlook the park which is sheltered heavily by large trees and open grass land.  

I have directed the team to visit the location to try identify any youths who may be causing Anti-Social behaviour.  

I visited the park with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team today , this is the first report they have received for the location but I will keep them updated with any developments.”

If anyone has any information that would help to identify these youths then please let me know. If you want to remain anonymous that is fine, I won’t pass on any personal details.