I have received the information below from the Highways Engineer for the area. The  reference to the mini roundabout is a proposal to put a mini roundabout at the top of Tinshill Road at its junction with Otley Old Road/Cookridge Lane

“I am writing to make you are aware and consult with you on a provisional scheme proposal(s) that is currently being prepared for Otley Old Road/Cookridge Lane, Adel.

We will be carrying out the scheme as part of the Local Transport Programme. When carrying out an investigation into average speeds and injury related collisions along this stretch we noticed two key issues. The two key were issues were speeding vehicles and vehicle/cyclist collisions at the Cookridge Lane/Tinshill Road junction. Therefore we have proposed upgrading the traffic calming features on Otley Old Road/Cookridge Lane and introducing a mini-roundabout with a designated cycle lane at the mini-roundabout. 

At this early stage of scheme development I am seeking feedback from you, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, the police and emergency services before going out to wider consultation with other stakeholders. “

If you would like a copy of the plan of the scheme please email me at  and I will email it to you.