I have recently been requesting the information on speed checks in the area following checks set up at various points. Set out below is the response I have received.

“I refer to your [request regarding the data from] the speed and volume surveys that were recently undertaken in the Adel area.

A number of surveys were undertaken in order to assess whether vehicle speeds had reduced as a result of the new 20mph zone, and the results were as follows:

  1. Long Causeway – North of Adel St John the Baptist:
2016 Average Daily Flow 2018 Average Daily Flow 2016 Mean Speed 2018 Mean Speed
227 221 17.8mph 19.7mph

Whilst I appreciate that the survey results have gone up slightly, this is due to the 2018 survey being undertaken further north on Long Causeway at the straight section (north of the school), which was at the request of several residents, whereas the previous survey was directly outside the school. However, the results do show that the mean speed of vehicles is under the 20mph speed limit and therefore traffic calming measures are not required.

2. Sir George Martin Drive – North of Tile Lane

2016 Average Daily Flow 2018 Average Daily Flow 2016 Mean Speed 2018 Mean Speed
1204 1195 26mph 22.4mph

3. St Helen’s Lane – between St Helens Avenue and St Helens Gardens

2016 Average Daily Flow 2018 Average Daily Flow 2016 Mean Speed 2018 Mean Speed
942 909 27.7mph 24.3mph

These surveys have shown that the traffic calming which was introduced has had an effect on vehicle speeds through the 20mph section of Sir George Martin Drive / Long Causeway. Following correspondence received from your constituents the speed cushions were measures and it was found that they were below specification, and therefore the contractor has been asked to re-visit the site and re-introduce these cushions to the correct height. It is therefore likely we will see a further reduction in vehicle speeds following these works.

4. Sir George Martin Drive – Outside Number 1 East Causeway

2018 Average Daily Flow 2018 Mean Speed
840 19.3mph

As you can see the mean speed of vehicles is very low for this stretch which is due to be continued as a 30mph speed limit.

5. St Helens Lane – Between Adel Lane and A660 Otley Road

2018 Average Daily Flow 2018 Mean Speed
1215 25.3mph

Whilst it is appreciated that the speeds on St Helens Lane (between Adel Lane and A660 Otley Road) are higher than desired, at the present time we cannot justify the expenditure for traffic management on the basis of casualty reduction as there are currently no recorded injury collisions on this length.

We are currently undertaking a programme of works to introduce 20mph schemes across the remaining residential areas of Leeds. Once these works are complete there are some areas that have been identified as requiring a 20mph speed limit however are not suitable for a signing only scheme, and therefore further works are required to alter the layout (such as traffic calming features).

As part of the 2019/20 financial year we will be looking to produce a report where these remaining sites can be identified and included in a scheme of works to introduce traffic calming features as part of a 20mph speed limit. I will request that this section of St Helens Lane be investigated further to see if it would benefit from the introduction of traffic calming features.”