I am very pleased with the outcome of the recent consultation on the Prince Henry Grammar School Admissions which is that Pool C of E Primary School will be a named feeder school for Prince Henry’s as well as Bramhope. Children living outside the red line boundary of the current polygon but who are pupils at Pool C of E will have the same priority as the children attending Bramhope Primary. This will apply to admissions into Prince Henry’s from September 2020. The submission that Cllr. Caroline Anderson and I made to the consultation was very much in line with this decision. It was also very pleasing to note the high number of responses to the consultation.  I feel it is important that the admissions policy reflects the local situation in that residents in  Pool look towards Otley for most of their amenities and facilities.  

This obviously does not guarantee children from Pool or Bramhope a place at Prince Henry’s as the criteria of “nearest” will come before the feeder school criteria but it is a more comfortable situation than is currently in place.