I have been made aware of proposals to introduce 20mph zones throughout the village of Pool in Wharfedale. This does not include upper Old Pool Bank.

I am very pleased that consultation will be taking place on the introduction of 20mph zones in Pool. For some time now Highways have been deliberating on the introduction of 20mph zones throughout the village. The Council have stated that is not possible to introduce 20mph on Arthington Lane, Main Street, Pool Bank New Road and Pool Road as they are classified as A-routes and guidance specifically states that these should not be reduced to 20mph. I am concerned that they have ignored the air quality problems on Main Street, and the problems with HGV speeds throughout the village. They have also ignored the safety of cyclists and pedestrians using the narrow main roads i.e. Main Street, Arthington Lane and parts of Pool Bank New Road. The Council do not to look into how these speed limits will be enforced as in other parts of the ward residents are concerned that unless enforcement action is put in place this is not an effective use of public money.

We have 20mph zones in most streets across the Ward now, however Pool remains to be consulted. Highways hope to start the formal consultation soon and I will let residents know when this starts so that they can have their say on the extent of the proposals. This has to follow a laid down legal process which can take time but I hope that many of the residents of Pool will take the opportunity to submit their comments during the consultation period.