I have been sent the information below from a local resident:

“We are currently looking for volunteers to take part in our experiment (Ethics Reference: PSC-453; Granted: 09/11/2018).

Our study aims to determine the relationship between changes in the brains structure and functioning (neuroplasticity) and a persons working memory, sequence learning and attention ability. Characterising this relationship is important, as it is believed to impact executive functioning, which is a crucial aspect of neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimerâ?Ts).

To investigate the relationship, we will assess your working memory, learning and attention performance through a battery of different tests and a hemo dynamic (brain activity) monitoring device. To determine your brains neuroplastic capacity, we will use a painless and non-invasive brain stimulation technique called TMS. TMS is considered safe to use for research purposes and should only have very short lived effects. 

The study will include two visits, spaced one week apart, both of which will last 1 hour. You will receive £10 per session in order to compensate for your time. 

If you are retired and wish to volunteer please contact Polly Davies [ps15pad] at