As a result of issues raised by local residents I asked the Council to assess the speed and volume data in the centre of Bramhope.  I have now been sent the results. If you would like a copy of the data please email me at

The Highways Engineer has commented as follows:

“From the results, the mean speeds of all three fall under the 24mph stipulation set by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), for what a mean speed must be on a 20mph speed limit road. The Eastgate survey falls under the actual speed limit also. For reference, the previously recorded mean speeds were 24.9mph and 26.0mph on Breary Lane, showing a discernible decrease in speed following introduction of the scheme. We have no comparable data for Eastgate. 

Whilst the results do show a number of vehicles travelling above the speed limit, we need to be pragmatic in these situations. The speeds are acceptable in line with the guidance to which we work and to what has been deemed appropriate by the ACPO. There have been zero injury accidents along the route of any description in the last five year period. The last incident took place January 2013, which was the result of speed. We targeted this area as part of the 20mph and traffic calming scheme that was more recently introduced. 

Considering the lack of injury accidents, the adequate speed levels and the acknowledged resistance to traffic calming in the Bramhope area, we do not believe there is a requirement at this time for a scheme to be taken forward to consider further measures on the route at the current time.