I was sent this by a local resident:

“I’ve had 2 phone calls today both from males with an Asian accent saying they were from Telephone Preference service.   The first said was I someone who used to live here. When I said no, he wanted to know if I was under 85 and lived here. When I questioned him, he said he was from Telephone Preference service and wanted to prevent nuisance calls and I “needed to verify my documentation”. He then asked me to get my Bank card or cheque book, which I refused. He became very aggressive and kept insisting. I put the phone down and phoned TPS on the website number.

They said it was a Scam. They do not phone people and once registered it’s permanent. The number of the scammers was 01909 482074. The TPS lady said they phone from abroad but somehow use a UK number. They are aware of the Scam and are investigating. She said they would phone again and they did. Again wanting documentation and very persistent. I kept him on the line and told him it was a scam and he still kept insisting so I put the phone down.”