In autumn last year I was approached by a local resident to express concern that the speed of traffic did not appear to be slowing following the implementation of the 20mph limit.  

A speed survey was requested as the last survey was done in 2015. Highways have now produced the results of this recent speed survey and have advised as follows: 

“As can be seen, the results show that the mean speed is still above the desired 24mph mean speed as per Association of Chief Police Officers stipulations for a 20mph zone. Indeed, at the point near to New Adel Gardens, the speeds have increased from previous surveys. 

Subsequently we must seek to remedy this through the introduction of traffic calming features. This will be added to our list of sites for the forthcoming year that require such features. There is no guarantee that the work can be undertaken next year, as funding is not yet apportioned but I will seek to advise as and when I can what the process will be moving forward.”