I have been made aware of the following information in relation to Moseley Wood Bottom. This is in respect of the currently approved planning application not any potential application for the next phase. 

“The developers have now submitted a temporary application under 19/01745/FU Temporary storage of topsoil associated with the adjacent residential development (planning permission 15/04884/RM). However the planning agents advising TW have advised that the works may constitute permitted development under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015:-

PART 4Temporary buildings and uses

Class A – temporary buildings and structures

Permitted development

  1. The provision on land of buildings, moveable structures, works, plant or machinery required temporarily in connection with and for the duration of operations being or to be carried out on, in, under or over that land or on land adjoining that land.

Development not permitted

A.1  Development is not permitted by Class A if—

(a)the operations referred to are mining operations, or

(b)planning permission is required for those operations but is not granted or deemed to be granted.


A.2  Development is permitted by Class A subject to the conditions that, when the operations have been carried out—

(a)any building, structure, works, plant or machinery permitted by Class A is removed, and

(b)any adjoining land on which development permitted by Class A has been carried out is, as soon as reasonably practicable, reinstated to its condition before that development was carried out.”