I thought you may be interested in an update on the Farrar Lane Extra Care Housing Scheme due to be built at the current vacant site at the top of Farrar Lane, next to the sheltered housing complex. Caroline and I had a briefing today where we met the representatives from the Council’s project team, Morgan Ashley the property developers and a representative from Home Group who are one of the providers of homes and supported housing who are also part of the project.  

A planning application is due to be submitted towards the end of the summer and the units will be available to rent with some to purchase. These are for over 55s unless someone under 55 qualifies due to a care need they have. There will be approximately 60 (1 or 2 bedroomed) apartments with their own kitchen and a walk in shower/wet room. There will be a criteria that needs to be met in order for the apartments to be allocated and this will be done by a panel made up from representatives for the Council and Home Group. This is a requirement of  the Community Care Act.  

The supply chain regarding the actual building of the scheme and the architects are Leeds-based. A Scheme Manager will be appointed 5 months prior to the scheme being open in order to carry out a number of lead-in functions including working with nearby partners e.g. Holt Park Active, OPAL, Farrar Lane Sheltered complex to establish relationships. It is hoped that a number of interactive activities can take place within the new development that will be open to local residents from the area and that any activities will complement what is already on offer locally through Holt Park Active and OPAL.  

In terms of consultation there will be a number of events, large and small, for residents to attend. These will take place in the locality and we have made some suggestions as to where these could be held in order to maximise the number of people attending.