Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review – Consultation on Proposed Main Modifications

I have received the update below in respect of the latest stage of the Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review:

“Dear Councillor

I am writing to you to let you know about the latest stage of the Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review (CSSR).   The Leeds CSSR is a part of the Leeds Local Plan and amends specific policies in order to set a new housing requirement for the period 2017 – 2033, update policies on affordable housing and green space and introduce new policies on housing space standards, accessibility of new homes and electric vehicle charging points.  The initial changes to policy on the energy efficiency of new homes are proposed for deletion in the modifications, so that the existing policy in the Core Strategy will be retained.

The CSSR is prepared in accordance with the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act.  It was submitted for Independent Examination to the Secretary of State in July 2018 following two rounds of public consultation and public hearing sessions took place during February 2019.  The Inspector considered all responses received on all matters and people interested in the process attended the hearings to give evidence.

What do you need to do?

Following the public hearings, the Inspector came to the view that there is a need for some changes (known as Main Modifications (MMs)) to be made to the Plan in order to ensure that the CSSR is legally compliant and sound. On behalf of the Inspectors, the Council is now inviting comments on the MMs. Representations received will be submitted to the Inspector for her consideration. The Inspector will take these representations into account before finally concluding whether the CSSR is sound and legally compliant and can be recommended for adoption.

You do not need to respond to this consultation, but if you wish to details are provided below.

The Schedule of Proposed MMs together with the sustainability appraisal of the MMs (Sustainability Appraisal Addendum[1]) will be available for comment from 17th May 2019.

This consultation is running for a period of 6 weeks from the Friday 17th May 2019 until Friday 28th June 2019 (5pm).

What can you comment on?

The consultation relates only to the Proposed Main Modifications and/or the Sustainability Appraisal (Main Modifications) and therefore only comments relating to these MMs will be considered by the Inspector. Your comments should set out why you do or do not believe the Proposed MMs are required to make the Plan sound and legally compliant.

A response form is available to record your comments. Please state clearly the number of the proposed Main Modification(s) that you are commenting on – each change has its own MM number set out in the Schedule of Proposed MMs.

How to view and comment on the Proposed Main Modifications

The Proposed MMs are published on the Council’s web-site www.leeds.gov.uk/cssr

Comments can only be received between Friday 17th May 2019 until Friday 28th June 2019 (5pm).  Any representation received late will not be considered.

You can also view the documents at all Libraries/Community Hubs and One Stop Centres in the Leeds district.

The Programme Officer would prefer to receive your comments using the downloadable response form at www.leeds.gov.uk/cssr

However you may also email comments to: CoreStrategyReview@leeds.gov.uk

or write to:

FAO Programme Officer, Leeds CSSR Proposed Main Modifications Consultation, Policy and Plans Group, Merrion House, 9th Floor East, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8BB.

If you are unable to access a copy online or at the above venues please contact us on 0113 37 87993 or email: CoreStrategyReview@leeds.gov.uk

A copy of the Council’s planning newsletter is also available on-line.  This clarifies the status of the CSSR alongside other planning documents currently in draft and involved in separate examination processes.

Next Steps

All representations received during the consultation period will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate, to be examined by the appointed Planning Inspector, Claire Sherratt DIP URP MRPTI,  via the Programme Officer. The Inspector already has copies of all previous representations made at the earlier consultation stages. The CSSR remains at Examination by the Planning Inspector until receipt of her final report which is the next key step following the close of this consultation.

[1] The Sustainability Appraisal checks whether the modifications are in line with a series of sustainability objectives covering social, economic and environmental issues