I have received a leaflet from the Neighbourhood Policing Crime Prevention Officer in relation to patio doors. The following advice is given:

  • Are your patio doors secluded?
  • Are they as secure as they could be?
  • Do you leave attractive items on view through them?
  • If you are buying new patio doors make sure they meet PAS24 standards
  • Can your patio doors be lifted out of their tracks? Keep them locked and the key in a safe place rather than in the lock.
  • If your patio doors have euro cylinder locks make sure they meet current standards TS 007 (3 star rating) or Sold Secure Diamond standard (SS312)
  • Don’t leave attractive items on view through your patio doors e.g laptops, tablets, car keys.
  • A range of devices are available to make your patio doors more secure – always consult your local Neighbourhood Crime Prevention Officer to determine the best options.
  • Consider setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme on your street.