I received notification of an issue with several blocked gullies on the A658 around the Dyneley Arms junction. The main drain is blocked and overflowing on the road itself and there is raw sewage plus nappies, toilet paper etc. spread over the road and flowing down towards the junction. The gullies also remain blocked.

I took this up with Environmental Enforcement and I have received the following 2 responses over the weekend from the Team Leader:

  • “I have just spoken with Yorkshire Water who explained that they visited with a jet on Thursday but this was ineffective. They visited again yesterday but the traffic flow required Traffic Management in place. So, they will be visiting again today with Traffic Management capability. 
  • It may be that Yorkshire Water have not yet attended. We have sent out a sweeper which has removed the worst of the nappies/toilet paper and black waters from the gullies. I will follow up with a further call tomorrow if they have not attended by 09:30 tomorrow.”