Please find below information from the Head Teacher at Adel Primary School:

“I am emailing to let you know that the Governors at Adel Primary have taken the decision to hold a trial closure of the school car park, the week beginning 1st July. This decision is taken with a view to closing it permanently to parents of Adel Primary from 1st September 2019.

This is the text that has gone out to parents.

“Dear Parents/Carers,

Following careful consideration, the Governing Body of Adel Primary School has taken the decision to hold a trial closure of the school car park, the week commencing Monday 1st July 2019.

Access to school grounds will be limited to staff and visitors of Adel Primary, delivery vehicles and staff/parents of Daisy Chain Nursery (Daisy Chain will receive an allocation of 10 car parking spaces as per their lease agreement). Disabled parking bays will be accessible to blue badge holders only.

The spaces allocated to Daisy Chain staff/parents will be relocated to the parking bays adjacent to the path. There will be no access to the turning circle and parents will not be able to enter the car park at any time to drop off or pick up children.

This trial is being taken with the view of permanently closing the car park for drop off and collection from 1stSeptember 2019.

By taking this action, the Governing Body are aiming to improve the safety of our children within the school grounds.

Adel Primary School Governing Body”

Since September there have numerous incidents that have raised serious concerns about the safety of children within the school grounds.  This has included; vehicles being driven at speed, ‘near misses’ between cars and also between cars and children.  Unfortunately, there have also been unpleasant scenes with parents arguing over parking spaces, displaying intimidating behaviour and using foul language – all of which have been witnessed by children.

I have informed the local PCSO, David Mallard, Daisy Chain Nursery and the Head at Adel St John about the closure.  I have also informed the highways department who will be attending during the trial closure.

I hope you are able to understand school’s reasons for making this decision, but also appreciate that there may be an impact on the surrounding area.”