I refer to past information in respect of the above and would advise that I have received further comments from local residents about the GP Surgery at Long Causeway in Adel potentially closing. 

I took this up again with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who are responsible for GP provision in the area and this is the response I received today: 

“The CCG has met with the practice to discuss the concerns previously outlined.  The practice are considering the position but have not formally applied to close the branch surgery site and as previously discussed this would be subject to a formal engagement process with the practice registered list which would then be considered by the CCG.  We have suggested that the practice meet with [you] to discuss the arrangements at the branch site as soon as possible and would like to try and facilitate this discussion taking place.  The practice have suggested a meeting in the latter part of July (after holidays).”

I am now in the process of agreeing a date to meet after which I will update you further. I shall also be informing the Planning Department at the Council due to the number of new residents who will be living in Adel within the next 3 to 5 years.