You may be aware that there are currently travellers on a site in Alwoodley. Residents are concerned that they may be heading back to Bedquilts. With this in mind I have been in touch with the University and they have updated me on the measures they have taken to prevent this happening again. Their response is below. The photographs referred to are not included here.

“I’d like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Leeds Beckett University, to update you on the interventions put into place following the travellers eviction in late July 2018. Along with the ongoing activities and actions we are undertaking to be proactive in preparation for/ the prevention of a 2019 traveller community trying to set up site on Bedquilts in the near future. 

Firstly, Leeds Beckett University initiated the placement of a large number of boulders (weighing approximately 1 tonne each) on the inside of the car park fence line in March of this year. The access gate adjacent to the Leeds Beckett changing rooms has been replaced with a double height barrier and two shielded padlocks. I am led to believe however that the access barrier belonging to LCC remains unchanged and we are somewhat concerned that this might be a potential weak(er) point in all these relatively new preventative interventions, see image IMG_1023.jpg.

Please find attached images of the boulders around the car park area and double height gate adjacent to the Leeds Beckett changing rooms, along with an example padlock and shield on this particular gate. 

The University is at this time seeking to procure a third party security firm to undertake continual observation and patrolling during this key period, last year the travellers arrived at Bedquilts on/ around 14th July 2018. Our own Security team will also now be making regular visits to the site until an appropriate external firm is engaged.

We are also in the process of creating an image log of the gates and in particular the padlocks throughout each day, 7 days of the week, to ensure these are closely monitored for deliberate damage or illegal entry. 

I hope this provides some reassurance to you, and the local residents, that we are taking significant steps to prevent/ deter any traveller community accessing and setting up a site on land belonging to Leeds Beckett University.”