A number of residents have asked the question in terms of the order and sequence of events on the Miller Homes development site in terms of what is going to be built first. I took this up with Miller Homes, and set out below is the response I have received. I also received a plan showing the phasing of the building on site. The Leeds City Council work is the roundabout to be built off-site on the A660.

If you would like a copy of the plan showing the phasing please email me at

“We’re writing in response to your email yesterday to provide some approximate timescales for phasing and works on the above site.  

Attached is a phasing plan produced primarily for planning purposes, however it also serves as a good tool to talk around sequencing of works.

Our initial focus will be in phase 1 (the area hatched in red) – particularly to the more southern end, however naturally as we build further through the phase more activity will occur across the phase 1 area.

With this in mind we’ve provided commentary below in terms of sequencing and approximate timescales which relate to this area and specifically the initial works. 

S278 Enabling Works & Initial Earthworks 

Anticipated Start – 29/07/2019.

Anticipated Duration – 8 weeks. 

Initial Road & Sewer Works On-Site 

Anticipated Start – 26/08/2019.

Anticipated Duration – 9 weeks. 

S278 Works by Leeds City Council 

Anticipated Start – 16/09/2019.

Anticipated Duration – 48 weeks. 

Plot Groundworks & Superstructure Construction

 Anticipated Start – 28/10/2019.

Anticipated Duration – On-going staggered construction of plots through the phase.

Further Earthworks and Road & Sewer works will be continued following the initial works to the more southern area of phase 1.

Please note the timescales and anticipated start dates are approximate and subject to many variables like all construction projects, however we hope this gives a good steer on sequencing and outlining the headline enabling and construction works.”