Summer Health Event in Leeds City Centre (31st July) – Hydration Station

Hydration Station in Leeds City Centre – 31 July 

As part of our efforts to help people stay well this summer, the NHS in Leeds and Leeds City Council have organised an event on 31 July at Lands Lane (outside WHsmith) from 10am to 7pm.  

The main focus of the event will be to encourage people to stay hydrated throughout the year, especially during spells of warmer weather. Colleagues from the ‘Eye Spy E-coli’ team will be on hand to highlight how keeping hydrated can reduce the risk of e-coli and urinary tract infections (UTIs). The event will include quizzes and interactive games to help people to know the signs of dehydration. People will get the chance to win limited edition reusable water bottles on the day. 

If you’re passing through Leeds city centre on 31 July, please do pop by. If you use social media please keep an eye out for #SummerSignsNHS 

An information booklet and health information can also be found on the CCG’s website here: