• Co-op, suspects enter locus and female and male distract the member of staff whilst stealing items from store then making off together.
  • Co-op, suspect fills basket then leaves without making payment.
  • BP, suspect and accomplice pull onto forecourt of petrol station and enter store. Male approaches the till to pay for goods. Card is declined. Female enters store and takes items with no attempt to pay. Make off in vehicle.
  • BP, Suspect enters shop, selects items and leaves without making attempt to pay.
  • Lawn Hall Close, suspect stolen tree from grounds and has made off unseen.
  • Adel Hand Car Wash, suspect enters shop, selects items and leaves without making attempt to pay.
  • BP, Suspect enters shop and removes property from shelves. Suspect makes no attempt to pay. Makes off on foot.
  • Co-op, Suspect enters shop and removes property form shelves. Makes no attempt to pay and then makes off on foot.
  • BP, Male and Female enter shop. Female distracts staff whilst Male selects property from shelves, then exits shop. Female then follows Male and then make off in unknown direction. 

Make off without payment

  • Lawnswood Service Station, Suspect fills vehicle up with fuel and makes off without payment.

Holt Park


  • Holt Park, attempted burglary. Approached front door and shined torch into the front door to look at the quality of the lock. Doorbell camera caught footage of offenders. Suspects decide against attacking the property and make off.
  • Holt Park, property attacked by suspects removing lock and entering dwelling. Suspect takes property and then makes of through same door.
  • Holt Park, side door of property attacked by suspects. Attempt to remove side kitchen door lock with mole grips. Make way to rear garden, which activates security light, and make off in unknown direction.
  • Holt Rise, property attacked is on the end of cul de sac. Suspect walks into house whilst occupants are in house. Makes untidy search of main bedroom, takes property and then leaves. 

Theft from Motor Vehicle

  • Golden Acre Park, Car Park. Unknown suspect smashes car window, removes sat nav/media system and makes off unseen.

Theft from Shop

  • ASDA, male enters locus and takes property from shop. Exits the shop passing all points of payment and making no attempt to pay.



  • Kings Road, Suspects gained entry through insecure window. Suspect removes vehicle keys. Suspects unlock side door and make off in two vehicles.
  • Creskeld Drive, Suspect gone to rear of property and used bin to stand on to get into bathroom window. Forced window open using tool. Suspect stolen property from living room and made off via same entry route.
  • Hall Rise Close, Victim away on holiday. Suspect gains entry to property via patio doors. Alarm sounds and suspect pulled alarm panel off wall. Suspect makes tidy search and exits via garden gate.



  • Green Lane, Suspect approached rear bi-fold door and attempted to snap lock to gain entry. Unsuccessful. Makes off in unknown direction.
  • Woodhill Crescent, Suspect enters property steals property and car keys. Steals car and makes off in unknown direction.

Theft from Motor Vehicle

  • Segment in Cookridge, Suspect approaches vehicle on moped (no vrm), smashes window of vehicle and removes built in sat-nav/media console. Suspect makes off on same moped.