As you may be aware there was a change to the Service 28 recently which meant the first bus out of Adel is now 7am, following complaints I can advise that I have now received a further response, set out below, this morning from the Depot Operations Manager at First Bus, which reverses that decision. 

“Dear Cllr Anderson, 

I write in regards to the feedback that you have communicated and that which we have otherwise received, relating to service 28 and in particular the earliest departure from Adel on our Monday to Friday timetable.  

I rode on the 07:00 service alongside my colleague earlier this week and spoke to customers directly. We had a good constructive conversation and came away very much appreciating their concerns. I would like to thank these customers for their feedback and would be grateful if that sentiment can be conveyed to them. Clearly, we want this to be a good service that increases bus use in to the city at peak times which I am sure is a shared objective. 

A subsequent urgent review of the timetable has proposed that the first journey be moved to 06:43, which is then scheduled to arrive at Park Row and Leeds Dock at 07:08 and 07:20 respectively. We believe that this will very much address our customers’ needs. For clarity, the registration went to West Yorkshire Combined Authority (formerly Metro) for approval and short notice support yesterday with a view to achieving this change as quickly as we can. Assuming that step goes smoothly, once the Office of the Traffic Commissioner accepts a short notice alteration we can confirm an implementation date. 

At the same time, we have made slight alterations to other parts of the timetable, including creating a more cohesive combined headway with service 27 along the common section between Headingley and the Railway Station. Our earnest efforts continue to ensure that service 28 is otherwise reliable and efficient in operation.” 

I trust this keeps you up to date. I will let you know when I receive a note of the implementation date, although it looks from the Bus Service changes for October that it will be from 27th October.