Reserved Matters Application 19/02959/RM – Land South of Pool Road, Pool-In-Wharfedale

I have been sent the information below from the Planner dealing with the Reserved Matters application:

“I am writing to let you know I have received revised plans and supporting information from the applicant in relation to the above scheme in response to a number of significant concerns I expressed to the applicant in relation to the originally submitted scheme.

The revised plans are due to be uploaded to the public access website shortly and whilst I will caveat my comments below with the fact that I have not yet been able to review the revised plans in detail, the headlines appear to be as follows:

  • The number of houses has increased from 55 to 57
  • The housing mix (mix of unit sizes) has been revised to meet the target requirements of the Core Strategy
  • The segregated Wharfedale Greenway route has been removed from the eastern part of the site with an attempt being made to relocate this off-site along the western edge
  • The drainage basin and underground storage has been repositioned
  • Greater relief (distance) has been offered from properties fronting the future bypass road
  • Building materials and boundary treatments have changed
  • Public Open/Green Spaces areas have been altered

As for the likely acceptability of the revised proposal, whilst I again stress that my comments should be caveated with the fact that I have not yet been able to review the plans in detail. The comments in relation to the previous version of the plans now submitted were essentially that the number and nature of the concerns which existed would mean that the revisions could not be supported. These concerns related to the increase in unit numbers, the poor design and layout including the prevalence of hardstanding and the impacts on ecology and trees, the inappropriateness of the repositioned greenway, the relationship between houses fronting the future bypass route and the bypass, the layout and positioning of public/green open spaces, and the impact on neighbouring amenity from houses being positioned closer to existing properties and gardens.”