You may have noticed a number of Street Lights not working or working only intermittently in Dyneley Arms junction area and at the top of Pool Bank New Road. I took this up with Street Lighting and received the following update from the Principal Engineer, Street Lighting:

“The Local Authority and our service provider SSE are more than aware that the lights are not working, unfortunately it is something that is not within our gift to remedy. The problem is being caused by a Northern Power Grid (Yorkshire Electricity as was) underground supply fault. They have been made aware of this problem by both ourselves & SSE and they are working to try rectify the situation.  

A supply fault of this type could be something as simple has having to replace a fuse in a substation right up to having to replace a section of the underground network in its entirety. 

We will continue to liaise with the regional electricity company, NPG, to ensure that supply fault is rectified as soon as possible.”